Arts Tower Sunrise (2008)     Midnight Dreary (2008)     Hamilton Garden (2008)     Lights of Liberty (2008)     From Me to You (2010)    

The Architect (2008)     Ritz Tower Detail (2009)     Upward Mobility (2008)     Zeitgeist (2009)     Gotham (2008)   

Symphony House (2008)     The Lantern (2010)     Philadelphia Stock Exchange (2008)     The Long and Winding Road (2009)     Strawberry Mansion Bridge (2009)    

Philadelphia Architecture is intended to show the juxtaposition of colonial and modern architecture in the City of Brotherly Love. From the 'Rebel Base' of Independence Hall to the ultramodern Comcast Center, Philadelphia is living proof that the old and new can coexist beautifully, leaving the Curse of William Penn far behind.