Something to Be (2009)     Pillars of Creation (2011)     Hey Diddle Diddle (2011)     Dollar Tree (2010)     For the Benefit of Mr. Kite (2012)    

American Graffiti (2006)     You Are Beautiful (2007)     Take Back the City (2008)     The Truce (2009)     Apotheosis (2009)    

Where Are We Now? (2012)     Beyond (2009)     Pantheon (2010)     Over n' Out (2009)     Tannenbaum (2012)    

Signs & Wonders began as a collection of six photographs that were exhibited at Café Twelve in Center City Philadelphia from May through July 2012. After receiving a writeup in Icon magazine, the series was expanded to over a hundred images with a common theme of urban exploration/decay, and street art that I felt contained mystical/transcendental themes. Many of these were shown at the Satellite Café in August 2012.

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