House of Hades 38th & Market (2012)     House of Hades Broad & Carpenter (2011)     House of Hades 13th & South (2010)     House of Hades Broad & Fitzwater (2011)     House of Hades Broad & Spruce (2010)    

Toynbee Idea 37th & Chestnut (2012)     House of Hades 15th & JFK (2010)     House of Hades Broad & Jackson (2011)     Toynbee Idea 9th & Market (2009)     House of Hades 17th & Chestnut (2009)    

Es Tut Mir Leid (2009)     Tupac Alive (2009)     Lo Siento (2010)     Tell The People (2011)     Toynbee Idea Broad & Vine (2010)    


Toynbee and related tiles have been sighted in Philadelphia for over 25 years and more recently in cities all over the world. Their cryptic and bizarre messages have only further fanned the flames of mystery regarding the identity of the original tiler. Many of these will be shown at the Satellite Café though August 2012.

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